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About Us

The White Rhino Agency was created from a passion for business, but more importantly, for people's happiness, growth, and success within all it's transactions.


Treat each individual and business as they should be by carefully listening to their goals, objectives, and obstacles, pushing each to success while providing high-quality, consistent, diversified management services, maximizing their potential revenue, and creating raving fans and returning opportunities.


To be a successful property and asset management investment, first by applying the highest professional standards drawing on our experience and adhering to our Christian values, then by creating affordable approaches for those in the workforce and those that are longing for a change in affordable housing


  • Integrity - with Christian beliefs, professional appearances, honesty, fiduciary duties, professionalism, and accuracy, as well as adhering to a company-wide culture of diversity, inclusion, and the highest ethical standards 

  • Communication - with complete transparency, even if unfavorable, communication and challenging conversations build trust

  •  Confidence - in every aspect of our approach that we're here for our investors and to transition them into lifelong clients

  • Commitment - to our clients and customers to the highest potential

  • Purposeful - and intentional with every thought and action, keeping our clients and customers in mind 

  • Rare - values that put people above our profits

What Sets's Us Apart?

  • When other companies offer a one size fits all approach, we understand that each company has unique and nuanced areas that make them unique. We strive to separate ourselves from other companies through the simple but lost art of listening. We care about learning every individual and organization's unique strategies, goals, objectives, and obstacles. We can create a trusting relationship that focuses on your organization's needs through simple listening.

  • Each of our services comes with the utmost attention and dedication. While we're a smaller agency, we can guarantee that we will not take on more than we can handle. From initiation to execution to a complete transaction, a highly competent team member will be at your fingertips, just a phone call, text, or email away.


  • We give back to the community by giving a set amount of our monthly receivables and either by tithing, helping the less fortunate, or helping an underprivileged family. Life doesn't come without struggles; we give back to those because we understand that life happens.

Why the name The White Rhino Agency?

What a unique name for a company. Initially, our services offered are becoming increasingly endangered. It's easy to lose oneself in the rat race, and customer service and client satisfaction bear the brunt when one does. On to the actual name, and without getting technical, let's get to the more straightforward definition of white. The primary colors of red, green, and blue produce additive secondary colors cyanide, magenta, and yellow. White light is at the center of all these colors, and white is inclusive, encompassing, and versatile. Without any of the primary colors, white isn't created. Now, on to the animal selection, the rhino. The characteristics of the rhino are much like ours: we're calm and curious with excellent intuition and a great memory, confident, assured, steady, sure-footed, explosive charging into your threat, playful, and intensely loyal to the ones we love. More importantly, rhinos are becoming endangered, with white rhinos expected to become extinct.

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